Personal Particulars

Mahmoud Alshawabkeh
Ph.D., MSc, BSc (Computer Science and Technology) ,
Mobile / WeChat: +8613132618601
WhatsApp: +60126770816
Dr. Mahmoud is a lecturer and researcher in the field of computer science and information technology. He obtained Msc and PhD in science and technology from Malaysia and Msc in cybersecurity and management from Warwick University at UK. Now working as an associate professor at Guangxi Minzu Normal University, China (English is the medium of instruction). Before that, Mahmoud was an academic staff and researcher since the year 1999. Since then, he has taught several computer courses (Web Front-end Development, Java, JavaScripts, Computer Network Security, Principles of Database, ORACLE Database, Professional Computer English, System Analysis and Design, C Programming, Data Transmission Through Networks, Human-Computer Interaction, and Object-Oriented Database). Also, he was holding several academic positions as module leader, course leader, and coordinator. Several publications were published by him, especially, the textbook “Programming in C for Foundation” ISBN 978-967-418-294-6. He also published several journal articles in the field of computer security and information systems. During his long journey as an academician and researcher, he gains leadership and managerial skills, allowing him to be a good team member for all levels of research or projects. He has conducted several funded projects and shows the ability to manage project resources in time and efficiency. Recently, he was invited to be a keynote speaker at international conferences. Mainly he delivers speeches on the latest issues of network security and emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data.